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Powertrac Solar Products

Solar water heater

Ensure hot water for all seasons with a broad range of solar water heaters from Powertrac Solar. This wide array of water heaters help cut down your electricity bills and are suitable for a broad range of applications – from homes, hotels to commercial applications.

Solar Rooftops

Rising cost of Electricity makes today the best time to invest in Rooftop Systems. Be an Independent power producer, not only does a system pay itself off via Subsidies and lower, or No electricity bills, your investment in Powertrac solar systems further attracts Tax Benefits for a commercial establishment.We are the solar rooftop solutions in haryana. A standard system installation is affordable for almost anyone to get started on a Greener, Cleaner and Cheaper way forward. Installing a solar power system will instantly add to the value of your residential or commercial establishment. For now a days when there is a problem in electricity solar rooftop solutions are very much needed.Your most Profitable investment ever!

Solar Street Light

Solar street light-weights raised light sources that hopped-up by electrical phenomenon panels usually mounted on the lighting structure or integrated within the pole itself. The electrical phenomenon panels charge a chargeable battery, that powers a fluorescent or junction rectifier lamp throughout the night.we are the best provider of solar street light in haryana. Powertrac solar street light is made of advanced quality components : the solar panel is designing with the mono-/poly- crystalline high efficiency cells. The intelligent digital controller has the sophisticated functions to increase the life of battery and user friendly system.

How Does a Solar Street Light Work ?

The solar street lights use solar energy, a form of the renewable energy. The solar street lights comprise of the photovoltaic cells, which absorb the solar energy during daytime. The photovoltaic cells convert solar energy into electrical energy, which is stored in the battery. At the nighttime, the led lamp starts automatically and it consumes the electricity already stored in the battery. During the day time, again the battery gets recharged and the process keeps on repeating every day. Switch on at sunset and switch off at sunrise are automatic.

  • : Excellent for remote villages.
  • : Automatic dusk to dawn operation.
  • : Perfect design, Easy One time Installation.
  • : Low maintenance / Fit and forget device.
  • : High efficiency electronic circuitry.
  • : Solar charge controller designed for battery charging.
  • : Surge/Lightning protected.
  • : Highly economical and reliable.
  • : Completely autonomous system in case of black out.
  • Solar PV Modules

  • : Powertrac’s Soler Pv module is made of advanced quality components.the soler panel is designing with the mono-/poly- crystalline high efficiency cells.
  • : Cells encapsulated in low iron, high transmission,toughened galss 3.2 mm thickness using UV stable Ethylene vinyl acetate(EVA).
  • : Premium quality back sheet protect the module from environmental conditions.
  • : Anodized aluminum frame with convenient mounting Slots.
  • : We are Specialized in 18,36,60,72 cells soler modules.
  • : Fitted with suitable junction box,cables and connectors.
  • : Output power tolerance of +_3./.
  • : High efficiency soler cells.
  • : High module efficiency.